Capital Markets

It is a Bull Market for Cloud Apps in the Capital Markets. The emergent and impactful era of Cloud Applications for Asset Management..

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Retail Marketing has emerged as one of the biggest consumers of data about human behavior and Economics of Households. There is a rapid surge in data sourced..

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Rapid & Secure Mobility as a Strategic Differentiator

Mobilize & Secure Legacy and SaaS apps with a rich and integrated user interface…within weeks!

Mobility is effecting significant change in the industry, both in how enterprises do business with other firms and how employees want to access and use systems. From remote sales forces to remote support to work from home staff, staying connected, productive, and informed is essential. Enterprise systems are now experiencing the need for an always on - always connected business environ.

For the corporation mobility is rapidly becoming a competitive differentiator.

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Big Data

At NuWare, we conceptualize and deliver compelling Big Data Analytics solutions

The world of "big data" is changing dramatically right before our eyes – from the amount of data being generated to the way in which it is captured. Big Data ushers in the possibility of a fundamentally different type of decision making.

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Cloud Power

Most IT services will be provided via the cloud within the next five to ten years. The question is no longer if, but when and how. The cloud revolution is in its initial stages and is radically changing the way businesses of all sizes operate. Businesses are acutely aware of the business value that cloud computing brings around access to new offerings, creation..

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Most CIO's would agree that reducing IT spending is key to global competitiveness. NuWare Remote Infrastructure Management Services provides a flexible, affordable suite of services to help you monitor and manage your infrastructure more efficiently and cost-effectively. Our ClosetRIM and CloudRIM services enable you to dramatically reduce IT expenditures and gain faster, more flexible service

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By 2014, an overwhelming 90% of companies will support corporate applications on personal mobile devices and 80% will have a mobile workforce armed with tablets. Smartphones and tablets have become ubiquitous. Organizations cannot afford to ignore the smartphone boom and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) era.

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Social Media

Social media is re-shaping the way organizations nurture their relationships and deepen connections with their customers. Customer interactions are increasingly more critical than just customer transactions. Social Media Analytics is a powerful tool for real time and actionable insights from customer sentiments.

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Cloud computing is clearly compelling and beyond the hype, there is a clear ROI with cloud adoption....if done right! NuWare's Cloudtelligence Advisory Service provides you with a blueprint to achieve the cloud vision that is best suited given your specific business objectives - this may include virtualization, IT-as-a-service, federation.

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