Key Highlights

Robust and Scalable Environment

Highly robust environments have made the client more agile in responding to scalability needs

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Automated entire delivery process for rolling app deployments. Code-to-production push time accelerated by 5x

Monitoring and Logging

Significant reduction in errors with near real - time monitoring of infrastructure and application performances

Seamless Integration

Talks seamlessly to third party tools; maintains stable infrastructure


A leading e-commerce retailer specialized in selling diet food programs faced multiple technology challenges including latency, outages, inconsistency with their existing framework causing inefficiencies. The new technology solution would need to be scalable, in addition to being stable, consistent and reliable.


    • NuWare designed an architecture that leveraged AWS’s environment for development, test and production
    • Reduced errors with near real-time monitoring and enhanced security and compliance by mapping processes to appropriate
      compliance controls
    • Designed a fully automated, continuous integration and delivery system for app deployments
    • Significant boost in performance by architecting highly available environments with ECS and Auto Scaling for robustness and stability


Using a DevOps model, NuWare was able to help the client implement continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) practices, and also automate infrastructure provisioning and management. The client was able to realize immediate benefits such as quicker application deployment, auto-scaling of infrastructure and faster innovation. In addition, the new architecture helped in gaining more visibility, control on cloud billing, and lowered costs further.