Key Highlights

Improved Efficiency

Focused campaign launches, improved customer care, boost in advertisements

Optimized Solution

Leveraged and integrated with client’s existing infrastructure smoothly

Reduced Costs

Lowered costs with better flexibility

Improved Customer Experience

Better satisfaction, higher repeat customer rate


A leading e-commerce retailer specialized in selling diet food programs was seeking a solution to overcome challenges faced with their existing Content Management and Campaign Management platforms. The solution would need to provide customization and flexibility to manage campaigns, integrate with the existing infrastructure, apart from being cost effective.


    • NuWare built and integrated a solution suite (Campaign Management Optimization Tool, Call Center Enhancement Tool and Order Management Optimizer) to enable promotion targeting, order management, customer validation and upsell
    • Migrated to the Oracle ATG e-commerce platform to enable seamless integration with client’s existing infrastructure
    • Facilitated launch of a new web site (including upgrades to ATG platform) enabling faster and better customer experience of retail products


NuWare’s implementation of the integrative solution suite improved efficiency in launching campaigns, built better customer experiences and higher customer repeat rate. The Campaign Management, Call Center and Order Management tools are built to use independently or collectively offering customization/flexibility. Seamless integration with existing platform optimized efficiency.