Data Strategy

Defining holistic strategies and creating roadmaps for data organization, governance, processes and technologies.

Master Data Management

Providing a unified hub for managing data with a single point of reference for accuracy, report generation and support for core business processes.

BI and Data Warehousing

Generating the best return on information with our end to end BI and DW services that uncover hidden insights.

Data Quality & Governance

Monitoring data quality to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency. Enforcing efficient and sustainable governance by ensuring compliance and mitigating risks.



Markit EDM solution for Optimized Operations, Greater Efficiency, and Enhanced Data Control.


A leading Asset Management firm was facing operational inefficiencies due to high maintenance and complex systems that were running on outdated technology. These systems crippled the ability of Portfolio Managers who were unable to access accurate trading and securities data, thereby delaying trade decisions and negatively impacting the business.