Platform Monitoring

We will monitor the health and performance of your key technology platforms to ensure efficient operation and maximum uptime.

Issue Resolution

We can provide 24/7 helpdesk support for resolving technical issues to ensure that business remains uninterrupted.

Access Control

We will manage who has access — along with varying levels of access — to enforce security and minimize threats to your enterprise data.

Security Updates

We will make sure that your platforms, systems, and applications remain up-to-date with the latest security patches.



Data is growing faster than ever with an estimated 40 zettabytes growth projection by 2020. With the digital universe exponentially expanding, data is now recognized as a strategic asset in various industries. More than ever, firms are implementing intelligent EDM strategies which will drive the insights revolution, instantaneously automating insight-to-action cycles crucial for digital business. Markit’s EDM is a tool of choice for many industries across the globe offering actionable intelligence fuelling critical business decisions


The client faced core challenges using high maintenance, complex systems coupled with outdated technology crippling their ability to access critical information in a timely manner to make important business decisions. Portfolio Managers were facing difficulty in accessing accurate trading and securities information in a timely manner due to multiple dependencies thereby hindering their ability to make critical and timely business decisions in compliance with financial regulations.