Key Highlights

Infrastructure Risk

Reduced Infrastructure Risk by 60%


Compliance aligned to ISO Standards


Optimizing existing infrastructure and building new efficiency into the system

Business Transformation

A successful transformation story that is built to last


The customer is a leading clinically-focused home care equipment and services provider with over 50 years of experience in healthcare. Dedicated to providing quality and affordable medical care facilities at home, they were looking for a technology partner that could carry out a complete assessment of their existing IT infrastructure and offer a lasting solution that could bridge the gap between the old and the new.


    Our initial assessment involved going into existing systems and networks to understand how the customer was handling tasks across the patient and provider network. It helped us understand the gaps that existed in the current infrastructure network. Once the gaps in the network were identified, our team of experts analysed the existing framework to offer key recommendations that were focused around filling these gaps in a manner that ensured a stable and more reliable infrastructure setup.

    The key functionalities of the offering included:

    • A large part of the modernization process involved offering targeted recommendations that could improve every stage of the planning and execution of patient care services
    • Identifying gaps in the existing process and streamlining with a focus on compliance and risk mitigation. This also helped in strengthening the system against data breach in order to protect the thousands of patient records that at the time were extremely vulnerable to security and privacy threats
    • Establishing a system of constant supervision and monitoring that could ensure smooth functioning with minimal support


Optimizing existing infrastructure and building new efficiency into the system The solution expertly identified the perfect balance between existing system of networks with new processes and automation in a manner that streamlined the overall process and significantly improved efficiency levels. A successful transformation story that is built to last With a rich history of sustaining growth in the healthcare business for almost half a century, there were a number of redundancies that had creeped into the system. Our experts were able to identify a holistic and robust solution that strengthened the company’s foundation as it enters the next phase of growth and expansion.