Statistical Modeling

Gain a competitive edge with robust quant models that let you estimate, evaluate, and predict trends when you can harness them best.

Natural Language Processing

Extract meaningful information from disparate and unstructured data sources so they are no longer the missing part of the puzzle and can enhance the process of data-driven decision making.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Build greater efficiency and predictability into your business with automated technology, removing the burden of redundant activities for your skilled workforce and allowing them put their technical prowess to better use.

Facial Recognition

Develop the latest facial and pattern recognition software for more secure and accurate systems that simplify people counting and video monitoring.

Conversational Commerce

Give your business the digital edge with AI-powered bots that enable thoroughly personalized and highly-immersive customer experiences that fuel lasting customer relationships.


Track, analyse and measure every aspect of your business with advanced analytics and superior AI capabilities that ensure you never let a single opportunity slip through the tracks.



Innovative solutions to predict bond performance and trader behavior based on market movements.


A leading Asset Management firm was looking for a solution to predict the performance of fixed income bond securities to trade. This solution would also need to predict trader behavior, bond volatility, market sentiment (bullish or bearish) and impact of trade imbalance on yield spread.



Intelligent, advanced solution to retrieve accurate and optimized data for research and analysis.


A leading Asset Management firm encountered significant delays in retrieving large volumes of trade/securities information available from public sources. The data was unstructured and lacking accuracy, making it unusable. Our solution would need to provide powerful and advanced techniques to extract usable data for research and analysis with a focus on swiftness.