Statistical Modeling

Establish robust quant models to evaluate, estimate and predict trends that help you stay ahead of the game.

Natural Language Processing

Enabling businesses to extract, organize and analyze data from non-traditional data sources to generate value, create opportunities and optimize informed decision making.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Helping put your systems and data to work using latest advancements in Al and ML. Re-imagine the way you work.

Facial Recognition

Developing cutting edge solutions for facial recognition and biometrics that dramatically simplify people counting and video monitoring.

Conversational Commerce

Get future ready with AI powered bot technologies to engage with your customers and add more value to their overall digital experience.


Our suite of advanced analytics services combined with our AI capabilities help you uncover business opportunities, understand customer loyalty, forecast demand and evaluate success of new business strategies.



Innovative solutions to predict bond performance and trader behavior based on market movements.


A leading Asset Management firm was looking for a solution to predict the performance of fixed income bond securities to trade. This solution would also need to predict trader behavior, bond volatility, market sentiment (bullish or bearish) and impact of trade imbalance on yield spread.



Intelligent, advanced solution to retrieve accurate and optimized data for research and analysis.


A leading Asset Management firm encountered significant delays in retrieving large volumes of trade/securities information available from public sources. The data was unstructured and lacking accuracy, making it unusable. Our solution would need to provide powerful and advanced techniques to extract usable data for research and analysis with a focus on swiftness.