Key Highlights

Optimized Trading Operations

Robust security master; quick access to critical trading and securities data

Enhanced Data Control

Optimized data validation and reconciliation

Increased Compliance

Better data compliance to changing market regulations

Accelerated Time to Market

Custom development; seamless implementation of custom solution within 12 weeks


A leading Asset Management firm was facing operational inefficiencies due to high maintenance and complex systems that were running on outdated technology. These systems crippled the ability of Portfolio Managers who were unable to access accurate trading and securities data, thereby delaying trade decisions and negatively impacting the business.


    • Suggested and implemented IHS Markit’s EDM platform that addressed problems revealed upon initial analysis, such as data control, transparency and compliance
    • Developed a robust security master to streamline data and create a single version of truth, enhance data validation & reconciliation abilities
    • Created a smart reporting tool that enabled the client to take complete ownership of multiple complex data sets from all business units


IHS Markit EDM platform combined with the security master solution enabled the client to be in control of various data streams with the capacity to integrate, secure, govern and analyze from a centralized data hub. This solution also assisted in staying compliant with changing market regulations. Seamless integration and quick development of custom solutions significantly enhanced the performance of Portfolio Managers and increased business outcomes.