Key Highlights

Code to Production Time

5x Reduction in Code to Production Time

Cost Optimization

15% Cost Optimization on Effective Cloud Management

Increased Efficiency

Increased Efficiency with 100% Environment Uptime / Zero-Day downtime

Incident Management

80% Improved Optimization on Automated Monitoring of Incident Management


The customer was initially looking for a team that could provide end to end for their diet-tracking application across web and mobile devices. The team would be responsible for the existing application and also be in charge of developing and managing any new features deployed on the application.


    With over 1 million downloads with 125k and 50k concurrent users on average, the application needed more stability to guarantee an uninterrupted experience through multiple feature updates and new code deployments.

    The key functionalities of the offering included:

    • Setting up of a professional team of dedicated onsite and offshore resources with technical and project management skills needed to manage the project on an ongoing basis
    • We successfully launched a new application for an allied brand that focused on diet solutions across mobile and web
    • The existing application was assessed for efficiency and re-architected with enhanced features that enabled easy configuration and scalability


Smooth and seamless migration to cloud Speed and stability are the most important factors that dictate success in a digital environment. In order to stay competitive and improve business agility we helped the customer re-architect the application to bring about automation, continuous integration and handle workloads with greater efficiency. Improved process efficiency through standardized processes and automation of manual activities We equipped the customer with a talented team of onsite and offshore resources capable of handling code deployments with greater efficiency, and significantly reduce downtime. Guarantee an always-on experience With a perfect blend of existing infrastructure with applied innovation we were able to give the customer a stable application that guaranteed a stellar experience for their users.