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99% First-Call Resolution for Helpdesk

SLA Management

100% Issue Resolution for NOC

Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management for 26 Million Members across 8,000 Provider Locations

Customer Delight

Building a system geared towards ensuring customer delight


The advancement of technology has contributed to the increase in popularity for post-acute care in recent years. Improved infrastructure and faster communication have made it possible for patients, especially the elderly, to have the comfort of healing in the comfort of their own home. This has also helped hospitals as it ensures that patients can be safely moved out of their premises without compromising on quality and timely care. The customer was looking for a technology provider that could provide monitoring support services for daily technology support, and improve overall efficiency for their existing infrastructure setup.


    The first part of our task was to evaluate the existing infrastructure setup in order to gauge how they were handling tasks across their multiple service offerings. Since the customer offered a range of patient care services across multiple locations it was important to establish a proactive network that was capable of responding to care requests in the most efficient manner. The solution was a cohesive infrastructure setup that built on top of the existing technology in a way that optimized and improved the efficiency levels.

    The key functionalities of the offering included:

    • We identified and set up a team that could continuously monitor the production environment 24/7
    • Streamline the overall resolution process by taking ownership of all SLAs
    • Auditing the existing infrastructure environment to apply best practices that help optimize the existing network


Successfully establishing a robust and proactive infrastructure setup Establishing an infrastructure setup that was proactive rather than reactive helped in strengthening the network making it capable to take on any challenge. The dedicated team works round the clock 365 days a year, answering over 2500 calls per month with envious SLAs – including 99% calls answered within 12 seconds, with 99% first call resolution, producing delightful customer experience. Simplifying current processes for all end users The rehaul also involved a clean up of the existing network and applications to make it easier to operate across the board. This was useful in handing the users greater control over the overall network without excessive reliance or dependence on technical staff. Building a system geared towards ensuring customer delight The enhanced customer satisfaction levels as a result of faster, more accurate resolution that continues to become more efficient with time is a testimony to our commitment towards constantly generating value for our customers. We believe in building lasting partnerships with our customers that increasingly create process efficiencies, reduce their support cost, and provide quicker return on investment.