Key Highlights


99% Accuracy and Success in facial recognition using KazaMatrix

Quick Turnaround

Speedy check-in process at 6-8 seconds per visitor including quick 1-3 seconds for facial recognition


25% of 40,000 visitors used KazaMatrix for quick and seamless check-in

Data Privacy

Data secure on cloud-based servers. Robust yet customizable system in place


A large event logistics provider in India was looking for alternative ways to improve and optimize the event check-in process which is usually cumbersome, time consuming and chaotic. The solution would need to provide a smart, easy and quick method to capture visitor check-in, making it a seamless end-to-end process while ensuring privacy of user information.


    • NuWare conceived and developed an end-to-end solution incorporating the process of visitor check-in, allowing users quick, secure, seamless check-in for events
    • AWS Rekognition’s Facial Recognition Technology was used to perform the facial recognition process with accurate precision
    • Event check-in process was integrated with a secure cloud enterprise software and was web/mobile enabled
    • Application compatibility with latest hardware, iOS, Android platforms


NuWare’s implementation of the facial recognition solution at a high- profile event was the first of its kind in India. Approximately 25% of the 40,000 total visitors used KazaMatrix to check-in at the event. The check- in process was not just easy, but also ensured data privacy, creating a great user experience overall – which was friendly, self-explanatory and secure.