Key Highlights

The Overview

Our client, a company that provides health based products and solutions to consumers in America.

​​The company incorporated Jira as a tool as it needed increased agility and more robust reporting capabilities and to streamline the efforts put by multiple teams (roughly 1000 users) who are also responsible for the organization’s websites, payment portals, and software management.

A Job Well Done

For a company which specializes in software development, the migration project was a clear success. The Jira Cloud was ready and the users were happy with the move to the cloud. Everything went great and there were no real issues reported.


This The setup required round the clock monitoring as users from different time zones accessed it. Additionally, issue reporting system had to be in place to notify the engineers regarding the alarms triggered. Whenever a new version of the Jira Software was released, it had to be applied to the servers. As a best practice we had to apply the security patches to the OS and take periodic backups of the server.


    Solution was straightforward, we do a test migration from server to the Jira cloud, sandbox account first. As the number for projects and its attachments were considerably large we decided to do the migration in parts. Clearly after rigorous testing and confirmation given by the project owners, we can proceed with the real migration to production account.


Migrating directly to a clean cloud environment had obvious benefits, particularly in terms of cutting down on cost incurred and the time taken to manage the servers and monitoring systems. The original timeline was two months for the migration, including a little over a week of user acceptance testing, but we managed to do the migration in just over six weeks. Considering the fact that the migration tool was a beta version, this one was done very well and few issues arose despite a rigorous testing period. More significantly, the quality of the cloud data center was first-class from the outset.