Key Highlights

Robust Framework

Revamped architecture provides better scalability, stability, adaptability

Code-to-Production Push Time Reduced by 30%

Quicker deployments with no previous outages

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Optimum efficiency, better flexibility and lowered maintenance costs

Seamless Integration

Talks seamlessly to third party tools; maintains stable infrastructure


A leading e-commerce retailer specialized in selling diet food programs faced multiple technology challenges including latency, outages, inconsistency with their existing framework causing inefficiencies. The new technology solution would need to be scalable, in addition to being stable, consistent and reliable.


    • NuWare re-assessed existing framework; recommended AWS technology solutions for increased flexibility, stability and reliability
    • Created and developed a well-defined architecture framework to address latency, outage; resulting in faster and better production deployments
    • Implemented a scalable model in both web & mobile to support continuous integration with third party tools and ensure stable infrastructure
    • Built security firewall on top of AWS framework for improved safety and a secure environment


NuWare’s implementation of the AWS Solution led to improved stability, consistency and reliability of the system. The client realized instantaneous benefits, including a boost in performance owing to the revamped architecture, re-assessed storage plans and better security. De-commissioning outdated technology and leveraging AWS cloud solutions enhanced overall efficiency, helping the business to grow and scale. A significant increase in customer base was noted.