posted on Thursday, December 6, 2018

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We are moving towards a future where facial recognition is becoming a part of our daily lives. Take for instance the iPhone X. Millions of users are experiencing the wonder of facial recognition with their newest iPhone, which has replaced its finger touch technology with facial recognition. A celebrated feature – Face ID helps unlock the phone with a facial recognition feature wherein the iPhone’s camera analyses 30,000 dots on a face and compares it to the image used when Face ID was set up. The phone unlocks when there is a match.

Facial recognition technology is breaking barriers today and how! Something that was unavailable back in the day is now easily available at your fingertips – SnapChat or Instagram face filters, for instance. It is a little known fact that the pioneers of the facial recognition technology started using computers to recognize faces way back in the 1960s. Woody Bledsoe, Helen Chan Wolf, and Charles Bisson worked on mapping facial features by mathematically computing various landmarks on the face such as the eyes, nose, mouth to determine the identity of a person. During the early years of research and development, challenges were many. However, continuously evolving algorithms and painstaking efforts of research culminated in what is – the biometric facial recognition technology.

In keeping with the times, KazaMatrix, NuWare’s Facial Recognition check-in solution forayed into the facial recognition space earlier this year making a successful entry of sorts. Our journey with facial recognition technology began when an event logistics provider was seeking alternative ways to improve and optimize their event check-in process which was otherwise time consuming and chaotic. Facial recognition technology from AWS Rekognition along with a degree of customization served as the core premise for KazaMatrix.

Imagine this – You walk into an event, and instead of waiting in long queues at the registration desk, you walk to the KazaMatrix check-in Kiosk, allow KazaMatrix App on a tablet to capture your image, while you subsequently confirm your picture taken. The App finds a corresponding match from the existing database and prints your badge. And now you’re ready to go, having saved many precious minutes. The speedy check-in process takes all of 6-8 seconds per visitor including quick 1-3 seconds for facial recognition. 99% accuracy coupled with quick and easy check-in process has made KazaMatrix a success.

We are facing a world which is abuzz with the latest trends using biometric facial recognition. Facial Recognition technology coupled with AI is taking over traditional security measures – Data Security and Physical Security. With strong security systems in place, this technology is driving the need in various industries for online/mobile verification, fraud detection, perimeter assessment, individual monitoring, and more. At every stage of the way, facial recognition awaits us – whether we know it or not.  
Are you future ready? We know we are!

KazaMatrix Quick Facts:

  • Accuracy: 99% accuracy and success in facial recognition using KazaMatrix
  • Widely Used: 25% of 40,000 visitors used KazaMatrix for quick and seamless check-in
  • Data Privacy: Data secure on cloud-based servers
  • Compatibility: Application compatibility with latest hardware, iOS, Android platforms

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