When it comes to world-class technical services – we’re the elephant in the room. NuWare Technology offers remote database management, business intelligence and analytics, software development and support, infrastructure management, quality assurance testing, CRM, EDM and staffing services. At NuWare, we help growing businesses scale quickly to maximize opportunities by providing the extra technical expertise you need at the right time to succeed. Fast, flexible and knowledgeable, NuWare hits the ground running with best-practices methodologies that enable us to deliver on your goals quickly and precisely.

NuWare provides exceptional thought leadership to every industry, with particular expertise in subscription-based e-commerce and financial services enterprises. The Markit EDM- and MongoDB-certified staff is complemented by leadership with hands-on, C-level experience in these in markets, which results in context-rich service and strategic insights unavailable elsewhere.

Whether you choose to leverage our staff, or engage us to source talented full-time additions to your team, NuWare listens to your needs and responds with the right solution, every time. And, with leadership located in the U.S. and engineers around the globe, we’re here for you in a big way.

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Application Support

By providing customized support plans that meet your company’s specific needs, NuWare delivers the combination of best-practice application support and significant cost savings necessary for you to stay on top..


NuWare helps you gain control of your operational, risk, finance and customer data. A single version of the truth is achieved through acquiring, validating and distributing data through a fully audited data management environment.

BI and Analytics

NuWare offers not only the resources but the experience to  help you clarify your information needs and set up a  comprehensive, integrated system to deliver on them.

Infrastructure Management

NuWare brings the global resources to keep your data centers up and running 24/7, boosting performance and reliability while significantly reducing capital equipment and operation costs.


NuWare can build an integrated, unified and effective customer relationship management strategy that enables you to shift your focus from internal guesswork to customer satisfaction.

QA Testing

Boost your QA software testing effort for an immediate project or expand your long-term capability with experienced QA software testers.

Database Services

Whether you need skills to augment your in-house team, or a partner to fully manage your database operations, NuWare can help.

Software Development

Our team is passionate about staying ahead of the curve and leveraging the latest tools to help your business grow.

Staffing Services

Our Star Solutions methodology, leveraging IT hiring best practices and our deep executive backgrounds, ensures the right hire, every time.

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“NuWare’s staff is highly professional, technically strong, and have a commitment to doing whatever it takes to meet our needs.”

June 10, 2016