Salesforce Solution Enables Big Wins for Medical Device Manufacturer

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NuWare develops a custom Salesforce solution integrating legacy applications and enabling industry-specific workflows. Sales pipelines grow healthy; confusion removed.


Legacy systems. Unique sales strategies. Regulatory obligations. All of these challenges – and more – faced this global medical devices manufacturer as they were looking to implement Salesforce.

Company leadership wanted to consolidate and expand data available to their sales teams. The goal was to improve the client experience while also building better sales pipelines. To do this, leadership needed to ensure that data was consistent and accurate across all systems, including the legacy ERP system. Unfortunately, Salesforce didn’t accommodate their need for patient verification, insurance benefits review or other information critical to workflow and compliance demands.

Customizing the system would be a massive challenge, not to mention ensuring the accuracy and security across systems that was also mission-critical.


NuWare worked with the team to fully understand their goals, and customized SalesForce to enable their specific selling methodology.  NuWare also tied the new CRM solution to the legacy systems to ensure data integrity and security. Deliverables included:

  • Introducing custom objects, VF pages and triggers.
  • Integrating with the ERP system via callouts and Salesforce APIs.
  • Implementing automatic address verification using USPS service callouts.
  • Automating regression testing, using open-source testing tool Selenium.
  • Creating a customized service console to show the task and patient information based on Lead ID or Patient Opportunity.

business impact

  • Enabling the unique workflow ensured data security and regulatory compliance as well as facilitating a unique sales process.
  • Customized reporting dashboard made data access quick and easy.
  • Significantly reduced testing cycles allowed  faster, better and less expensive system updates.
  • Resulted in increased engagement with patients and and improved overall patient experience.