NuWare Provides Inventory Insight

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NuWare’s BI team helps a leading weight loss product company improve inventory management – and customer satisfaction.


A leading weight loss product company was feeling the effects of an outdated supply-chain system. The company was growing rapidly, and inventory management was becoming a critical concern.

The issues were manifold. Multiple warehouses throughout the country managed critical data through emails and shared files. Manual intervention was needed to aggregate data from all warehouses, reconcile inventory and provide insight into what customers were ordering. The company was, in fact, using only Microsoft Excel to report on the goods shipped in and out of its warehouses.

As a result, data problems grew with the growth of the business. Data entry was challenging and entry methods were not standardized. Stock-outs were a regular concern, causing fire drills at fulfillment locations and dissatisfaction among customers. Supply chain reports could not be delivered on a timely basis and, when delivered, results were partial – and suspect.

If they were going to meet the ambitious goals of new management, the company would need solid back-office systems and improved insights into its supply chain.


NuWare partnered with the company and developed a solution leveraging Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and BI Stack.  This enabled quick and easy reporting on inventory and shipping schedules.

They also implemented an ETL framework to load source data from multiple warehouse.  The framework was fully automated to provide daily access to source shipment files loading into a centralized data mart.  Data cleansing and validation rules provided data accuracy.  Email notifications were incorporated to monitor the process. Reports were created and delivered through SSRS using the data mart.  This provided management insight into all aspects of goods shipped from all of it warehouses.


The results of the new analytics system were felt immediately, and the benefits were significant, including:

Increased data accuracy as a result of fully automated systems with data validation and cleansing logic applied in ETL.

Improved monitoring of load jobs with the new email notification process.

More timely access to critical data, as ad-hoc reporting capabilities reduced report-creation time from days to minutes. Standard reports were scheduled to ensure that decision makers had the data they needed, when they needed it.

With NuWare’s help, the company was able to slim down its cumbersome back-office processes and improve customer satisfaction.